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Enjoy a Delicious meal at our wonderful rustic restaurant in historic downtown Independence.

Family owned and operated since 2019. Jeaneen mother of two and her two daughters Renae and Raeleen set out on a new adventure March of 2019. Jeaneen was a single mom, while she raised her two daughters she worked in banking. In March of 2019 Jeaneen decided it was finally time to follow a different dream. Her oldest Renae wanting to own and run a bar and her youngest Raeleen wanting to run the books the three paired up and decided they could take on the world together. Adding other family members to the mix, Jeaneens niece Katie as a server, her nephew Tyler started as a dishwasher and is learning to cook, Renaes high school sweetheart joined the group in the kitchen as well. It has turned out to be quite the family affair. With Jeaneens Parents love and support, and the teachings of her grandparents, Jeaneen has slowly stepped into her new found roles, that she was born to do. Growing up in the kitchen behind her Grandfather Hank really paid off, creating new things everyday, she found she to has his passion to create.

Choose from wonderful flavors that are created out of a family owned and operated restaurant, where they believe fresh made, with only the very best ingredients is the only way to cook. From spending time creating delicious mouthwatering seasonings for Chicken, Fish, and steaks.  Now creating new dishes with each seasoning, they have found a variety of  tasteful, spicy, sweet, savory and scrumptious options that  span from the steaks, Fish and Chicken to soups, sauteed vegetables and more.

Chef Jeaneen

A place created From the heart

We have currently closed.

We are not gone, we plan to find a great new location and we will be back!

We just had to leave the current building after a year of issues, We are in process of relocating. Unfortunately we have had issues with the building from leaky roof, bad electrical, rotten floors, black mold, heating issues, just to many issues for us to deal with. We will be back with all the same great foods just in a better location. We appreciate all the wonderful support we have received. We can never repay the great kindness some have shown during this hard time After the restaurant ban came it was just to much for us. After months of no heat and extreme loss in business from the cold building  we just could not afford the decrease from the restaurant ban. Your continued support by purchase of t shirts and seasonings is appreciated. Again thank you so much for the support, we will see you soon. 

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