Great Tips for Our Blackened Spice

Do you love steak with a little kick. Our Blackened Spice Seasoning, or otherwise known as our Blackened Steak Rub is one of our Restaurants most popular steak options, on the Menu as a Blackened Steak. So what makes it so great? The Steak rub was created with the prefect blend of spices. Here's a tip, if you purchase our Blackened Spice Steak Rub and try to make it at home, be sure to have a cast iron skillet. That is how we get that amazing flavor. With our delicious seasoning blend and a cast iron skillet. Be sure to heat the skillet with butter, and be sure to get that blackened steak rub all over your steak. After the skillet is nice and hot, drop your steak on in and depending on how you like your steak, let it cook for the right amount of time and enjoy!


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